when creating a new website, or an application, taking care of the finest details is crucial for final product's quality.
even when these issues seem minute, their affect on your website usability can be enormous.
prioritize your content
the eye scans what it sees from top to bottom, left to right. make sure you present your information in the right order, so that the essential parts of it are more accessible to your visitors, and easier to find. in this case: i assume my visitors would be more interested in seeing my portfolio before they read about the studio.
be clear and informative
let your users know where they're going and what they are going to find there. in this case, all contact information is on every page, and therefore the contact page will contain a contact form, for those who wish to contact lalanet through the site.
suggest the shortest path
wherever you can save a click, do so. unnecessary steps are annoying. in this case: if an e-mail can be sent from any page, there is no point in directing the users to a different contact us page.
be precise
there is no such thing as just a pixel no one will notice. we see more details than we realize, and an inaccurate graphic conveys the feeling of a careless job and an unprofessional website.
graphic design is a matter of taste
still, it needs to be tailored to your needs, and be suitable for your visitors or users. when designing an interface, i will always suggest two or three options for the design.
make your user's life easy by using conventions
show them what they are used to see, it will make their flow through you site easier.
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